Course Content

Overview of the course:

The Introduction to PeopleSoft HCM covers the central concepts behind PeopleSoft applications. It focuses on educating users about the key concepts and business processes within PeopleSoft Enterprise applications. Oracle's PeopleSoft Human Capital Management enables you to architect a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management delivers a robust set of best-in-class human resources functionality that enables you to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, while lower your total cost of ownership.


This course is targeted for implementation team members and is designed to provide a solid foundation for implementing PeopleSoft Human Resources for an organization. This course focuses on the flexibility that PeopleSoft HRMS has to offer, and provides clients with a solid foundation on which to base their implementation decisions.

PeopleSoft Core HCM

  • Fundamentals of HRMS
  • Navigating Through the PeopleSoft HCM System
  • Understanding the System Structure
  • Working with HCM Tables
  • Data Validation (Tables), Business Units and Set ID’s
  • Overview of the Installation Table
  • Overview of the Foundation Tables
  • Setup of Foundation Tables
  • Overview of Common Definitions
  • Setup of Common Definitions
  • Overview of Product Related Tables
  • Setup of Product Related Tables
  • Overview of Security
  • Setup HRMS
  • Position Management
  • Workforce Admin
  • ESS and MSS
  • Base Benefits
  • Security
  • Tree Manager
  • Reporting Tools

PeopleSoft Benefits Administration

  • Reviewing the Benefits Business Process
  • Setting Up Automated Benefits Programs
  • Setting Up Eligibility for Automated Benefits Programs
  • Setting Up Events for Automated Benefit Programs
  • Creating an Automated Benefit Program Table
  • Setting Up Health Plans
  • Setting Up Life Insurance and Disability Plans
  • Defining Credits
  • Setting Up Savings Plans
  • Setting Up Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Setting Up Vacation Buy and Sell Plans
  • Reviewing Employee Records in Benefits Administration
  • Preparing for Open Enrollment
  • Examining the Benefits Administration Process
  • Running Open Enrollment
  • Using Cross Plan Validation
  • Preparing and Running the Event Maintenance Process
  • Running the Snapshot Process
  • Coordinating Multiple Events and Benefits Administration Troubleshooting
  • Using eBenefits with Benefits Administration
  • Using Multiple Jobs with Benefits Administration

PeopleSoft Payroll North America

  • Setting Up PeopleSoft HRMS Tables for Payroll Processing
  • Setting Up Payroll Tables
  • Setting Up U.S. Payroll Tax Tables
  • Setting Up Employee Data
  • Creating and Updating Paysheets
  • Calculating Payroll
  • Confirming Payroll and Producing Checks and Reports
  • Processing Off-Cycle Payrolls
  • Setting Up and Processing Additional Payroll Functionality
  • Setting Up and Processing Benefit Deductions in Payroll
  • Setting Up and Processing Garnishments
  • Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay

PeopleSoft Time and Labor

  • Setting up PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources tables
  • Setting up PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll for North America tables.
  • Setting up PeopleSoft Enterprise Benefits tables.
  • Setting up basic PeopleSoft Enterprise Time and Labor tables.
  • Establishing time reporting codes.
  • Establishing time periods.
  • Establishing planned overtime.
  • Creating Workgroups.
  • Defining template built rules.
  • Creating task groups.
  • Defining schedules.
  • Setting up time reporters.
  • Setting up Groups and Security.
  • Reporting time using rapid entry.
  • Running the Time Administration process.
  • Managing exceptions.
  • Reporting time using self-service.
  • Using manager self-service.
  • Integrating with PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll for North America.
  • Performing labor distribution and dilution.
  • Adjusting payable time.

Trainer’s Profile: Trainer is working as a Senior Consultant from IBM India, based in Pune with 7+ years of Consulting and Training Experience.

Course Duration: 2 Month (Around 50+ Hours) of Class Room Training, Classes will be conducted during morning, evening, or weekends. Duration of the class would be 1 – 4 Hours (depends on Weekdays or Weekend Batch)

Course Fee: 30,000 INR

Trainer’s Contact Details: +91-9325793756 (

Mode of Training: This would be class room Training with Practical hands on system. So what’s we teach as per theory we show every steps and Process on the system. We recommend our student to concentrate much on Practice and get more Hands on.

PeopleSoft Software Access: PeopleSoft Training Academy will Provide PeopleSoft Software (Valid Learning License) and that will be installed in your personal laptop for the Practice.

Books and Study Material: PeopleSoft Training Academy will provide all Study Material and Books for this course in Soft Copy format.

Self-Practice Required: If you are looking to get into Informatica Development role so please dedicated 150-250 Hrs.’ of Self-study and Practice in order to get command on the system and then only you can easily clear Interviews.

Background Need to get into this course: This course suits to the people who are coming from Functional Background like HR domain. People Who understand the complete end to end Business Process of HR.